SwineCast 1194, Update From The Swine Disease Reporting System, Celebrating Number 50!

SwineCast 1194 Show Notes:

  • The Swine Disease Reporting System team celebrates it’s 50th edition with special guests to highlight the swine industry disease challenges and how SDRS can help.
  • Joining the celebration are Dr. Brigitte Mason (Country View Family Farms & SDRS advisory member), Dr. Paul Yeske (Swine Vet Center & SDRS advisory member), Dr. Phillip Gauger (Iowa State University), and Dr. Tara Donovan (The HANOR Family of Companies & SDRS advisory member).
  • This SwineCast episode shares the most recent report number 50, that can also be found at http://agtoday.us/swine-reports

SwineCast 1185, At The Meeting – Leadership in 2022

Download SwineCast mp3 podcast episode for pork productionSwineCast 1185 Show Notes:

  • Challenges abound for the swine industry in 2022, with staffing shortages, COVID impacts, foreign and domestic disease threats, and all the external demands for alternative production practices.
  • Glenn Stolt, president and CEO of Christensen Farms, joins with the ‘At The Meeting’ team to provide his perspective on the opportunities for engaged leadership [audio].
  • On ‘At the Meeting’, Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison are Dr. Montserrat Torremorell (College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota), Dr. Gordon Spronk (Pipestone Veterinary Services), and Dr. Tom Wetzell (Swine Veterinary Consultant), and is a podcast sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc. In each episode, veterinarians and other swine experts join the podcast to discuss the most recent topics in swine health and production.